Transport Safety Seminars

Transport Safety Seminars

Seminar content Attendees will be provided with information, guidelines and resources to help them understand and better manage vehicle operations and the interaction between vehicles and people in their business premises. As well as highlighting the legal, safety and business cases for action.

The seminars will outline:

  • The key elements of a workplace transport risk management system;
  • The safe management of vehicle movements and operations and associated activities;
  • Vehicle related manual handling risk management;
  • Vehicle related slips, trips and falls risk management;
  • Transport of dangerous goods by road legal requirements [ADR];
  • Commercial vehicle road worthiness [RSA];
  • Potential OSH implications of BREXIT for workers in supply chain [FTAI];
  • Business Case Study on Fleet Risk and Driver Management

Content will be delivered in a practical and easy to understand format and no specialised knowledge or expertise is required.

Who Should Attend?

The seminars will be of interest to all employers that operate vehicles in the workplace and on the road. They will be of particular benefit to:

  • Business owners
  • Logistics/Fleet/Depot Managers
  • Industry Organisations
  • Truck and Van fleet operators
  • Vehicle leasing providers
  • Transport managers
  • Retail and Distribution centre managers
  • Warehousing managers
  • Waste industry fleet managers
  • Insurance risk managers
  • Transport operators
  • Health & Safety Managers
  • Safety Representatives

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